Sultan Briquette is a brand name under CV. Mahakam Berjaya Abadi, this company is a privately owned company with a broadly diversified customer base. Our dedicated production and quality control teams have tirelessly worked to deliver the best quality products expected by our customers. Supported by more than 50 employees and more than 200 farmers, and best technology for our industry. Ultimately, it is our top priority to meet our customers’s satisfaction and expectation.

We have a strategy for success, namely by developing a network of farmers throughout the coconut plantations that we manage. And we ensure readiness in our processing plants, to be able to produce the best products with international quality.


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What We Do

Our company also continues to collaborate with several other companies abroad to help distribute goods to be much better. At present our company has cooperated with more than 20 companies in 11 countries.

Our Philoshophy

Our Company root philosophy is:

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Grilling, cooking, fuel, purifying, even for health and cosmetics – there are a lot of aspects in life that use charcoal briquette as the main source of energy or ingredient. With a long history of development and application, charcoal is now still widely used for various purposes. As a leading supplier of charcoal and briquette, Sultan Briquette offers you various types of charcoal and briquette for your personal or business uses. Find out more of what we offer below!


1. Shisha Briquette

The biggest use of briquette in the Middle-East area is no other than shisha. Shisha, or also known as hookah, is a relaxation activity famous in Morocco, Turkey, The United Arab Emirates, and even other countries as the culture have spread around the world. As the activity includes smoking, the shisha charcoal briquette is the most important element to choose for a more exciting shisha smoking experience.


There are two types of shisha charcoal: quick light charcoal and natural charcoal. Both charcoals have different uses and different features. The quick light charcoal briquette contains more chemical products that may create more damage to health. Meanwhile, natural charcoal briquette will be more organic but with a longer heating time. The shisha briquette options will be considered based on the cleanliness, taste, odor, and burning time. Usually, both types of briquettes are always available on the market to choose from because each person has their preference to smoke shisha.


Shisha charcoal can be made from several types of tree parts such as bamboo and fruit tree like olive or citrus. However, one of the best shisha briquettes is made with coconut shells.


Naturally, coconut charcoal is very famous in countries that cultivate coconut in their field. By thinking of the sustainable values of coconut, eco-friendly coconut charcoal is found and started to be widely used besides wood charcoal. The usage of coconut charcoal as the main ingredient for shisha briquette resulting in longer shisha sessions with less ash and better heat distribution. As it is also all-natural, coconut charcoal will produce a cleaner and better smell and taste.


We at Sultan Briquette offer three types of shisha briquette: premium shisha briquette, medium shisha briquette, and premium hexagonal shisha briquette. Each type has its own features for the best shisha experience with different ash content, moisture, and burning time. Click here to find out more about our shisha briquette.



2.BBQ Briquette

Other than becoming fuel material for industries, some types of charcoal briquette are specifically used for barbeque grilling. This type of charcoal is usually made from oak wood. But some specific features make BBQ charcoal briquette easier and tastier to be used for grilling.


Most people use charcoal to give their food a smoky flavor that can enhance the taste of the food. To achieve a nice smoky flavor, the charcoal used has to last a long time and be able to produce a steady high heat. Other than that, the charcoal also should be basic and clean with no additives. Meanwhile, some people prefer to use briquette for their barbecue because of the briquette’s ability to stay at constant temperature and its suitability for huge pieces of meat and indirect grilling methods.


For people who enjoy slow cooking and roasting, a barbecue briquette is perfect to use. As there are different brands and producers of barbecue briquettes, it’s best to choose the barbecue briquette that has natural ingredients and minimum fillers.


The best BBQ charcoal briquette should fulfill these criteria: all-natural ingredients, short burning time, easy to heat, and use minimal fillers. For BBQ charcoal producers, it’s important to have high-quality materials first. Hence, finding the best charcoal producer to fulfill the ingredients is the a-most thing to do before starting the production.


To make BBQ charcoal briquette, the wood materials would be chopped into small pieces then burned in a large concrete or steel kiln. The process will take about 14-16 hours until all the water inside the material is gone and most parts of them are converted into charcoal. It can also be seen physically as black lumps and powder with weight only 25% of the original weight of the wood used. Then, the charcoals are crushed and dried before getting in the briquetting step to be pressed and shaped into a hexagonal shape. After another drying, the BBQ briquette is ready to pack and use.


Our premium BBQ briquette is made from hardwood with a maximum burning time of 8 hours. The premium material that we use will enhance your BBQ experience for the best meal to serve. Click here to know more about our premium BBQ briquette.



3. Sawdust Charcoal

There are many types of charcoal available depending on the main ingredients and what it is used for. Some types of charcoal that are commonly found are wood charcoal, coconut charcoal, and sawdust charcoal.


Not only can they be made from chips or branches, but woods in the form of sawdust can also be made into charcoal. The charcoal made of sawdust has been proved to add more value to sawdust charcoal which is usually considered a waste. Some benefits of using sawdust charcoal include high density, long burning time, and smokeless, so it’s environmentally friendly.


The process to convert sawdust into charcoal usually starts with mixing the sawdust with the binder, then continues to compress them into briquette form. It is then used as more affordable fuel used by small to medium enterprises and even households for mostly cooking and grilling needs.


Our sawdust charcoal offers the best feature of low ash content and moisture with a long burning time of up to 7 hours. We offer several grades of sawdust charcoal based on the size of each briquette. To find out more about our sawdust charcoal, click here.


With many types and various uses of charcoal briquette, Sultan Briquette is committed to providing the best charcoal briquette products for your needs. To find out more about our product and pricing, don’t hesitate to contact us through the link below!

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